Why Your Injury Rehab Might Not Be Working

Not all rehab clinics are equal, and choosing one that will work well for you is important. You should make sure that the clinic you pick will create a tailored rehab program for you and your injury. The following are a few reasons your injury rehab may not be working.

Specialized program

Performing countless repetitions of exercises or stretches isn’t the best way to recovery. Strength training and stretches need to be considered when creating a tailored plan for each individual. Over time, becoming stronger and getting over your injury will take the body changing position or external weight or working with isolated exercises so you can get back to normal life with confidence and ability. Having a specialized plan for your injury will make sure you are doing things that will help you and get you back to feeling normal over a period of time.

Exercise technique

Technique precision is an important part of the therapeutic program. The exercise and stretches that are part of your program need to be done properly in a injury rehab session in order to be reproduced at home. That being said, your kinesiologist will need to show you proper form for therapeutic exercises and stretches to make sure you can do these movements by yourself at home. This way you’ll be able to properly follow your specialized program and deal with your injury in a timely manner.  

Not putting in the time

It’s very common that patients don’t actually follow through with their treatment plan, which in turn can make your rehab time even longer. If you have a kinesiology appointment once a week, that is not enough injury therapy for you to recover from an injury. You need to be doing a few more stretching and exercise sessions a week in order to recover completely from an injury.

At Fleming Fitness we have a team of experienced kinesiologists to help you with your injury rehab. We can create a specialized recovery plan for you and help you follow it to bring you back to feeling normal. Contact us to find out more about our kinesiology services!

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