Why Strength Training Over 50 is Important

Lifting weights is usually perceived as a risk to people over the age of 50. Instead, people usually revert to cardio being the only form of exercise they do. Strength training can be a very effective form of exercise, specifically for those over 50. Here are a few reasons why:


As people age, muscle mass gradually decreases over time and strength can go with it. Weight training 2/week can help prevent this from happening and it can restore lost muscle and strength that has been lost. 


Balance can decline with age, due to the loss of muscle mass which is why falling becomes more common as we grow older. Strength training can improve balance by retraining the muscles to react better in an unstable moment. It can also help with flexibility by making the body move through the complete range of motion.


The decrease in muscle mass as people grow older can also cause posture issues, which in turn can create neck and back pain. By introducing resistance training into your life a person can strengthen weakened muscles to correct posture.


A person’s metabolism can also slow down as we age. Strengthening muscle mass can restore a higher metabolism. This will make a person feel more energized and get them through the day without having to take a nap.

A personal trainer can assess your fitness level and introduce you to strength training through a personalized fitness plan. Fleming Fitness has a team of certified personal trainers waiting to help you reach your fitness goals. Contact us to learn more about our personal training services we offer to the Ottawa and Kingston area!

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