Wedding Fit – Tailored exercise programs geared toward Brides and Grooms

Fleming Fitness, Ottawa’s premier Kinesiologists and Dietitian, Rana Daoud from DRRD Nutrition are teaming up to create Wedding Fit in Ottawa. Our mission is helping brides and grooms reach their goals by adapting a healthy lifestyle that incorporates balanced nutrition and efficient physical activity. Exercise and nutrition are both essential to leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining your weight. Avoid the pain of YOYO diets and let the professionals help make you look and feel your best on your big day! No need for heavy & expensive equipment. We bring all the equipment to you at your house. Receive workout programs tailored to your needs, objectives and environment. Wedding Fit strives to provide personalized nutritional and personal training services to the Ottawa/Gatineau region. Our focus is effective and safe physical activity, while enjoying healthy and delicious foods so you can maintain your results for a lifetime. For more information visit

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