Tips To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s 2 months into the new year and this is about the time people begin to go back on their resolutions made at the beginning of the year. Fitness resolutions have become more and more popular and we have a few tips to help you stick to those.

Set mini goals

When setting a goal, it’s important to think about the end goal but also the small goals in between. While the end goal might be to lose an amount of weight, it is best to understand there is a process to reach that goal. This is why we use mini goals. Mini goals can be a smaller amount of pounds over a week or month. The end goal is still in mind, but the plan is broken up into shorter goals. This adds less stress to only seeking the end result and allows you to see progress along the way.

Do it for yourself

Carefully think about the reason why you are setting a fitness goal. It is important to ensure the reason your are working towards a goal is for yourself. It’s okay to be selfish here! Wanting to better yourself and your health is a very fulfilling resolution, but it should never be done because of what someone else thinks or to please someone else. Bettering yourself will make you stronger physically and mentally. You can use your goal to inspire others, and your happiness is always most important on your goal to your resolution.

Move past setbacks

There will always be times where your feel tired or sick and you missed training for a few days. Setbacks will always happen and it’s best to see them as challenges that you must overcome to make you stronger. The struggle is part of the journey and the only way out is to give it our best. Simply, move on to the next workout and forget about the past. When working towards an end goal, it’s best to only look forward and not at the past.

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