Liz A. 32

Liz had 6 inches taken in from a bridesmaid dress!

“I went with a friend to pick up my bridesmaid dress for her wedding and was horrified when it didn’t fit. Hitting a size 14 and the humiliation of not getting into that dress was rock bottom for me. I was able to lose a couple of pounds on my own but decided to pick up the phone and give Marissa a call after seeing a segment on Rogers Daytime TV. That phone call has changed my life. Working out with Marissa has not only helped achieve my initial goal of getting into that dress (not to mention having 6″ of fabric taken out of it because it was too big!) but has given me a new insight into nutrition, a healthy body image, confidence, energy and the desire to continue working out and setting new goals. WOW! Thanks Marissa!”