Hany F. 47

Hany lost 20 lbs!

For several years, my physician has been after me to do cardio fitness in order to strengthen my heart, improve blood flow and condition my muscles. I have never been athletic or interested in working out. The familiar excuses – not enough time, too hard, too sweaty…etc. I watched Pat one night on TV presenting simple exercises that anyone can do at home to increase strength and improve endurance. I felt that I can easily do that. Pat made it look achievable. Once I started the program, I quickly realized that this is a life-changing experience. Aside from losing weight, reducing body fat, gaining strength and energy, working out has become part of my weekly routine. I am now interested and eager to workout. Under Pat’s guidance, I learned how to eat healthy, exercise properly and maintain the momentum. Pat’s knowledge and experience, friendly down to earth attitude and willingness to listen, and skill as a mentor were instrumental in turning me around. Thanks.