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$1800 Weight Loss Grant from the Government

Get extra help to lose weight.  You may be entitled to an $1800 weight loss grant from the government if you loss 20lbs.   It’s easy and free to apply, but […]

Fleming Fitness Charity Golf Tournament Helps Raise Over $18,000 for BIAOV

Fleming Fitness is proud to announce our first charity golf tournament was a huge success. The event raised over $18,000 for the Brain Injury Association of the Ottawa Valley. Thank […]

Fleming Fitness Golf Tournament featured in Ottawa Community News


BMI vs Body Fat %

So what is the difference between BMI (Body Mass Index) and body fat percentage? BMI is a measure of someone’s shape based on weight and height. The formula is weight […]

New Era for Kinesiologists!

Fleming Fitness is excited to announce as of April 1, 2013 that Kinesiology in Ontario is now a regulated health profession and that kinesiologists must now be licensed by the […]

Do you suffer from neck tension and headaches? This could be why:

Here at Fleming Fitness an Ottawa based mobile personal training company and studio we treat many cases of whiplash disorder, neck pain and constant headaches.  99% of the time the […]

Why Is Physical Fitness Important?

We all know that being physically fit is good for us, but exactly why is physical fitness important? Here are the top 10 benefits of physical fitness: 1. You’re more […]