Suffering from Chronic Pain? Fleming Fitness can Help!

Chronic pain is pain (mild or excruciating) that lasts longer than 3 months.  It can be hard for someone suffering from chronic pain to start an exercise program, but they need to in order to improve their function and decrease their pain.   The chronic pain patients we see mostly at Fleming Fitness (Injury rehab specialists based out of Ottawa) have been involved in car accidents which has lead them to their chronic pain.  Most of the times our clients’ pain is debilitating which makes activities of daily living difficult.   What we do at Fleming Fitness, leading fitness and injury rehab specialists in Ottawa, is reset that alarm/trigger that goes off in someone’s head that suffers with chronic pain. Our patients with chronic pain have highly sensitized nerves that sounds alarms or triggers in their brain that “this movement is going to hurt.”  The thought of movement hurts them, very similar to phantom pain.  And it is not all in their head as it really hurts because of the highly sensitized nerves.   Our focus for their rehab is improving their confidence in what they can and can’t do and “rewire their brain” when it comes to movement so their tolerance is higher improving their everyday life. We always work within in someones means and also work with other health professionals to give the best service possible for our clients.  For more information call our registered Kinesiologist, Pat Fleming at 613-882-8434.  Fleming Fitness.

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