Chris M. 34

Chris lost 65 lbs & 15 % body fat!

“I have been working with Fleming Fitness since the beginning of the year and have lost over 65lbs and over 15% body fat in 5 months. As happy as I am and as important as these numbers are, I would have to say the overall improvement of my quality of life is the most gratifying. I was an athlete all my life and had let myself slip to the point where I was obese. This was affecting my mood, career and family life. Since training with Fleming Fitness, not only has my body physically changed due to Pat’s knowledge and expertise, but my outlook on life has changed and I now feel like I am a better father, husband, friend and employee.  Pat’s ability to spread his positive attitude on to his clients is an added bonus. I would highly recommend Fleming Fitness to anyone who is looking to improve their standard of life and enjoy the process of doing so.”


Danielle, 56

Danielle lost over 30lbs and over 10% body fat!


Ronnie G. 22

Ronnie lost over 100lbs and 40inches!


Chris G. 35

Chris improved his posture, lost fat and gained muscle!


Debra D. 60

Debra lost 27lbs & 17 inches and still going!

“After knowing Pat since he was a teenager, my husband and I were very excited to have him back in our home as our personal trainer. Pat is helping us achieve our weight loss goals and has been a great help with my husband, who was recently diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. We look forward to our weekly workouts and both feel great thanks to Pat!”


Woody E.

Woody took his training to the next level!

“I have been weightlifting for almost 30 years, yet Pat has been able to take my training to a new level. He has helped me overcome a number of stubborn plateaus and brought my training to the next level. His wealth of knowledge, gained through both professional certifications and personal experience, enables him to offer me an endless stream of innovative and challenging exercises.”


Benji C.

Benji lost 19 % body fat!


Rupinder S. 30

Rup’s results after 6 sessions!

“I have played on the Canadian men’s junior field hockey team, Canadian men’s indoor team and also played English Hockey League for Fareham Hockey Club. With Pat’s strength and agility training, I maintained my position on the respective teams. I am continuously gaining speed and strength without reaching a plateau. For sport or personal fitness, Fleming Fitness is who you want training you.”

Bruce W. 50

Bruce dropped 4 pant sizes!

“I started training with Pat in hopes of dropping some much unneeded poundage. Over the past few years I have suffered with exercise induced seizures and was looking for a more controlled training regimen. In the past 3 months I have dropped 25 pounds and my strength has increased exponentially. The strength gains and weight loss has surpassed my expectations in the short time frame. Pat teaches you how to eat and train properly. The kind of nutrition and training you don’t get by going to a fitness club every day.”

Hany F. 47

Hany lost 20 lbs!

For several years, my physician has been after me to do cardio fitness in order to strengthen my heart, improve blood flow and condition my muscles. I have never been athletic or interested in working out. The familiar excuses – not enough time, too hard, too sweaty…etc. I watched Pat one night on TV presenting simple exercises that anyone can do at home to increase strength and improve endurance. I felt that I can easily do that. Pat made it look achievable. Once I started the program, I quickly realized that this is a life-changing experience. Aside from losing weight, reducing body fat, gaining strength and energy, working out has become part of my weekly routine. I am now interested and eager to workout. Under Pat’s guidance, I learned how to eat healthy, exercise properly and maintain the momentum. Pat’s knowledge and experience, friendly down to earth attitude and willingness to listen, and skill as a mentor were instrumental in turning me around. Thanks.

Elizabeth, R

In 2007 I was in a severe motor vehicle accident. The total impact was almost 110km/h. I was pronounced D.O.A. I was left with severe injuries including a back injury that left me with almost no movement for 7 months. After numerous attempts at physio I still found I was not making the progress I wanted. A few years of getting nowhere and 7 surgeries later I was ready to give up. Then I was introduced to Fleming Fitness. My first meeting was with Pat and I remember barely being able to get out of the car for the assessment! In addition to my lower back, I also had injuries to my chest, arm and head. We started off very slowly because of the pain. Their compassion and drive helped me focus and push through it. Their patience was amazing and I started to see changes. Slowly their knowledge became mine. If it were not for Fleming Fitness I would not be where I am today. I can play with my son, walk my dogs and have somewhat of a normal life! This wonderful team will take you to new heights and spark something in you that you never knew you had. Fleming Fitness was the best thing that had ever happened to me.

Shaun Suisham

(NFL) Dallas Cowboys ’05-06, ’10, Washington Redskins ’07-09, Pittsburgh Steelers ’10-14

“Pat and I were teammates and training partners year round in both in-season and off-season programs for three years at Bowling Green State University. Pat’s knowledge combined with his motivational skills played a significant role in my development as an athlete. As Canadian athletes at a Division 1 school in the United States we were a minority. However, I am elated to see that Pat is working with athletes to help to reach their full potential. I can say with absolute certainty that athletes at all levels will benefit from his experience and knowledge just as I did. Thanks Pat”

Cille & Rob H. 50 & 51

“We have both significantly increased our overall fitness levels, improved our strength and endurance, improved muscle tone and lost weight. We appreciate Pat’s personal coaching style which is the right balance of encouragement, motivation and fun! Pat’s knowledge of fitness principles and proper diet has also improved our workout and eating habits. His fitness routines are challenging, fun and customized to our goals and interests. We are amazed at how many different exercises you can do with a few simple fitness tools. We would heartily recommend Fleming Fitness to anyone who is interested in improving their overall health and/or fitness level.”

Dan D. 29

“My goal when starting with Pat was to improve my athletic performance. With his guidance I was able to shed 7% of my body fat while making excellent gains in terms of my strength, explosiveness and endurance. Pat had a genuine care and interest in my progress each and every session. My biggest gain in working with Pat was the knowledge and understanding he helped me achieve concerning all aspects of sports training.”

Matt D. 30

“Previous to Pat, my workouts had not been very effective and I found myself doing the same old thing without any drive. Pat brings a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, energy, and experience to each workout. I am consistently and constantly challenged by new exercises. The variety of exercise and the balance approach Pat created has helped me in finding new ways to challenge myself.”

Matt E. 20

“After just 6 weeks of having double hip surgery and not being able to walk, Pat has quickly managed to help strengthen my body to a level that will allow me to compete in varsity football in the NCAA. Pat’s knowledge and enthusiasm in the gym is what separates him from any other trainer I have trained with. To any young aspiring athlete that hopes to play at the next level after high school, I strongly recommend Fleming Fitness.”

Derick Fage & TL Rader, Hosts of “Daytime Ottawa” on Rogers TV

Pat was an immediate hit with the entire “daytime Ottawa” crew and our viewers. He quickly became a regular guest on “daytime Ottawa”, and we look forward to his monthly visits.  Pat brings a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, energy and innovation to each segment. His fitness routines are always challenging and fun. It’s a pleasure working with Pat and his great sense of humour keeps our segments light, educational and informative. He puts a lot of thought into each segment, keeping our fitness levels in mind, while introducing a variety of exercises geared towards both athletes and non-athletes. We’re always impressed with the simple, yet innovative tools Pat brings along with him. Those tools along with Pat’s personality make exercising fun for us and the viewers of “daytime Ottawa”.

Melissa T. 27

“I first came to Marissa when I was 3 months pregnant with my first child worried how pregnancy would affect my body. I had 2 children in a year and a half and had the privilege of working out with Marissa through both pregnancies. Marissa was so helpful, brought a lot of knowledge with prenatal and post natal exercises. She always gave me encouraging words and kept me on track each and every week. Because of her I was able to stay fit and work out till the end of both pregnancies, keep my weight gain within recommended guidelines for healthy pregnancy at 30lbs for both. I saw the most results when I couldn’t believe how fast I recovered from my caesarean section and was back working out within weeks.”

Liz A. 32

Liz had 6 inches taken in from a bridesmaid dress!

“I went with a friend to pick up my bridesmaid dress for her wedding and was horrified when it didn’t fit. Hitting a size 14 and the humiliation of not getting into that dress was rock bottom for me. I was able to lose a couple of pounds on my own but decided to pick up the phone and give Marissa a call after seeing a segment on Rogers Daytime TV. That phone call has changed my life. Working out with Marissa has not only helped achieve my initial goal of getting into that dress (not to mention having 6″ of fabric taken out of it because it was too big!) but has given me a new insight into nutrition, a healthy body image, confidence, energy and the desire to continue working out and setting new goals. WOW! Thanks Marissa!”

Jen, A.

“I was in a bad car accident and had no hope. I came a long way and tried almost everything from chiropractor, physio, aqua fitness and massage therapy. Nothing helped me until I was referred to Fleming Fitness. After meeting with Pat Fleming I saw improvements after 3 months! We did full body training which helped my posture dramatically and helped strengthen my whole body. Everyone tells me I look better, walk better, stand better and I even feel better! I highly recommend Fleming Fitness to anyone who had been in my situation.”

Tim B. 41, Suns Sports Reporter

“I was overweight and always felt tired. I needed a change. Soon after I began working with Pat Fleming, I noticed a change. The pounds began to disappear. Within 5 weeks, I’d lost 17 pounds and Pat had given me the knowledge to take it further – to lose more weight and pursue a healthy lifestyle with better eating habits. Now, I feel energized each morning. I feel better and I look better. I couldn’t have done it without Pat. He’s a trainer and a motivator.”

Carl, Y

“In 2002, I was in a severe car accident. There were a multitude of injuries but the most severe were both arms broken, my pelvis was shattered, a few ribs were broken and my shoulder was broken and dislocated. On top of all that, I had a paralyzed rightside; otherwise known as a hemiplegia. I went to CHEO and my stay was three months. I went through 9 years of grueling physiotherapy and ruthless treatment after treatment to regain the ability to live a somewhat normal life. I was in constant pain and after 9 years of working with the same two physio’s, I decided that it was time to give personal training a shot. I started 2 / week but after a month escalated to 3 /week. I started eating right, seeing Pat regularly, listening to exactly what he says and I’ve never looked back. My stamina has increased, my gait has improved significantly, and the pain is absolutely no more. I was 70% of my pre-accident capacity before I started working with Pat and after 1 short year and all the hoops I had to jump through, I am at 90-95% of my pre-accident ability. Pat has significantly changed my life in ways which 10 years ago I could only dream of. I owe Pat and Marissa a debt which can never be repaid. Pat has since become one of the most important aspects of my life. Without his constant encouragement, knowledge and humour, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thanks Pat!”

Nathalie G. 41

“The option of having a professional trainer come to my house was not only convenient, but it also allowed me to build the confidence I needed while learning new exercises and techniques. Both Marissa and Patrick are very patient and have definite ability to motivate and challenge you to reach your fitness goals while still making the session fun and enjoyable. The investment I have made for this is truly an investment in myself and would not have been possible long term without Marissa’s help. If you are looking to get started and make fitness part of your life, this is the way to go.”


“In 2004 a drunk driver ran a stop sign and T-boned the vehicle that I was driving. I suffered catastrophic brain damage, broke my back, shattered my pelvis and was essentially left for dead in a ditch. It took 5 years of intense rehab to help me regain my basic functions. But still my left side had diminished to practically nothing. I was then introduced to Pat at Fleming Fitness and after close to a year of training with Fleming Fitness my left side has regained its muscle and I’m in the best shape of my life. I never thought I’d be functioning at the level I am today. So thank you Fleming Fitness.”


“My physiotherapist recommended Fleming Fitness to me after I was done treatment with her. I was recovering from a compounded fracture on my right leg after a car accident. I never really worked out or went to a gym, so I was nervous about what to expect. Fleming Fitness was so great to work with, always pushed me just enough and truly helped me not only recover and regain my strength, but put me in the best shape of my life. Every session was different, tailored to my needs and they always mixed up the variety of exercises, which made it fun to workout.”

Jean B.

“I am a female, past middle age, who thought that walking an hour a day would keep me fit. After a serious motor vehicle accident, I started training with Fleming Fitness in November 2007. Having never exercised seriously before, I required strength/fitness training and weight conditioning. Through their guidance of nutrition and exercise, in just a few short months I have lost 15 pounds and 7 inches and I am continuing to lose. They have motivated me to become fit and words can not express my gratitude. Their knowledge of the body, fitness and nutrition, together with their compassion, reliability, caring personality and the pride that they have in their work has given me the inspiration to be successful. I feel blessed to have worked with Fleming Fitness.”

Chris M. 21

“The program worked great. I gained 15 pounds after the 8 weeks. My strength went up a lot. My bench went from 125 to 225. My leg press went from 3 plates on each side to 5 plates and a 35lb plate on each side. Your workout was great and we will be giving you a call again for another program that I can do during the pre-season. I’ll be talking to you soon thanks.”

Lynn & Lloyd S. 52 & 51

“The fitness program and dietary plan Pat has worked with us to develop and maintain has helped meet our individual health goals. Pat’s dedication to personal fitness and commitment to clients goals provide that extra motivation we appreciate. We strongly recommend Fleming Fitness to anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle.”