Functional Movement Assessment


Screening of the body for muscular imbalances and weaknesses. Help you function better and prevent pain.
Assessment: $125*

In Home Personal Training / Kinesiology/ Yoga

Single Person: $99* / per session Couple: $124* / per session

Senior Rates

Single Person: $85* / per session Couple: $109* / per session

Take-Away Fitness Programs

Program specifically designed for your needs

Health & Fitness, Golf, Hockey, Football, Baseball, Basketball or any sport. Call for more information.

1 Workout / Week Program $199*
2 Workouts / Week Program $299*
3 Workouts / Week Program $399*
4 Workouts / Week Program $499*

Your Motivation + Our Guidance = Results

Corporate Health & Wellness Seminars

Learn how to be fit & healthy from a Certified Kinesiologist.

Healthy Lifestyle Seminar: $499*

We’ll teach you:

  • How to calculate your daily caloric needs
  • How to create S.M.A.R.T. goals and achieve them
  • Proper Nutrition (understanding sugars, protein, fats and more)
  • How to read and understand food labels
  • Take home exercise routine with demonstration of proper form
  • Choosing the right fitness equipment for a home based program
  • Different types of cardio training/target heart rate training

Grocery Shopping With Your Trainer

Choose The Right Foods For Your Body!

Trip to the Grocery Store: $299*

  • What to look for on labels
  • Eat the right foods and lose weight
  • Understanding fats, sugars, proteins, fiber and more

* HST not included in prices