Returning to the Gym After an Injury with Kinesiology

Dealing with an injury that limits your physical activity can be very tough on a person, both mentally and physically. People are usually itching to get back into their normal fitness routine as they don’t want to miss their workouts or sports they are involved in. But knowing when it’s time is key as you do not want to make your injury worse.

If you return to the gym or a sport too soon after an injury, you risk re-injury and can increase your chances of developing a chronic injury. However, if you wait too long to get back into it you could face deconditioning that will make it hard to get back to where you left off.

Something that can make this process easier is having treatment and guidance from a certified kinesiologist. A kinesiologist can help you overcome your injury and can also guide you with techniques to avoid further injuries once you’re back in the gym. At Fleming Fitness we have a professional team of experienced kinesiologists that can help you with an injury you are dealing with.

Kinesiologists can assess techniques you were using previous to your injury and determine what could have caused it. They can then come up with a rehabilitation plan to get you back to where you were and teach you new techniques to avoid injury in the future. Kinesiology is a valuable service that can help you overcome an injury and educate you on the proper way to stretch and perform techniques.

Contact us ay Fleming Fitness, leading fitness and injury rehab specialists, to learn more about our kinesiology services and how we can help you get back into the gym!

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