Numbers Can Lie

So what is important in terms of you reaching your fitness goals? Pounds off the scale? How you feel? How you look? So many people set their goals on the pounds they lose and end up getting discouraged after a few months because they aren’t dropping off fast enough. Maybe you lose only 3lbs in 3 months and figure it just isn’t worth it. You ultimately quit your exercise program and end up going down the wrong unhealthy path again. Sound familiar?

I’m sure you’ve heard muscle weights more than fat. That is actually false. 5 lbs of muscle equals 5 lbs of fat. They weight the same! However muscle is denser than fat and therefore takes up less space. So that individual that only lost 3 lbs in 3 months and is now discouraged because of the lack of results could be a lot smaller. It is possible that they gained 3 lbs of muscle and lost 6 lbs of fat (netting a 3lb lose on the scale) however they dropped a pant size, feel better and more energized. Yet they still quit after stepping off the scale because that’s what they rely on.

For your fitness goals do not rely on the scale. Put it away and rely on the inches lost, how you feel and look. Don’t rely on your BMI (Body Mass Index) from the Dr’s office. Get your body fat percentage tested as that is the reliable source for health.

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