There are not a lot of home pagequalified personal trainers in Ottawa,Canada but there are enough. So when choosing a personal trainer, make sure to do your due diligence and find out more about your trainer. What qualifications do they have? What education do they have? What certifications do they have? Do they participate in continuing education courses? These are all important questions to find answers to otherwise you may get injured during your sessions. Don’t assume just because they are certified or they look good they are qualified. Anyone can become a certified trainer. Choose someone with an educational background in health and fitness or kinesiology. They would have a more knowledge on the body, body mechanics and exercise physiology. Find out about their certification and how it is obtained. Is it a weekend course cert or something that takes longer to get. Do they have experience with what your goals and injuries are? Do you get along with their personality? Also keep in mind, a good trainer won’t make you sign up for a long term contract. They do that because they know they aren’t very good and the probability of keeping you long term is only possible with a long term contract. For more info on what we do and how we can assist you in your health, fitness or rehabilitation goals, contact licensed Kinesiologist and injury rehab specialist Patrick Fleming in Ottawa, Canada at 613-882-8434. More info at