Fleming Fitness is excited to announce as of April 1, 2013 that Kinesiology in Ontario is now a regulated health profession and that kinesiologists must now be licensed by the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario.

The creation of the College sets the stage for the provincial government to significantly increase the role of exercise and movement in the prevention and management of injury and chronic disease.

What does this mean?

The role of Kinesiologists is changing. The field of study has expanded from traditional sport and physical activity to include health-related careers. Preventative health is finally assuming a greater role on the Canadian health agenda.

Lifestyle disease, obesity and inactivity have forced health workers to set new standards. Specifically, the new status sets the scope of practice for professional standards within the Health Professions Act creating an administrative structure for ethical and quality assurance guidelines plus a means to process complaints and discipline procedure.

The Ontario government is taking first steps in recognizing how exercise and physical activity play a significant role in the prevention and treatment of injury, chronic disease and acute illness rehabilitation. It is the hope that other provinces will follow the regulation process guided by the national body, the Canadian Kinesiology Association.

How does this affect you?

If working with a Kinesiologist make sure that they can provide their registration number. At Fleming Fitness, you can be confident that you are receiving high quality care from highly trained professionals!