My Car Accident (MVA) Injuries Aren’t Improving – What Can I Do?

Motor vehicle accidents (MVA’s) are quite common and they often result in minor or major injuries. The guidance of a kinesiologist can help you recover from an accident and get you back to feeling yourself. However, if you are not feeling any different or seeing changes in your injury there might be a few things you can do to help the rehab process.

Post rehab exercises

The work doesn’t end when your rehab and kinesiology appointments do. A large reason for not getting better is that you don’t continue the exercises and training you were taught to do. Even after finishing your injury rehabilitation program, it’s very important to continue doing your stretches and exercises by yourself.

Target the cause

If you want to see success in long term recovery it’s key to target the root cause of your injury. What might seem to be an obvious cause of your injury could be completely different. A kinesiologist is trained to assess and identify problem areas outside of the obvious reason. They are here to help you recover faster and efficiently by assessing your injury and creating a customized rehab plan for you.


Using the wrong treatment can make your injury worse and make your recovery time even longer. Instead of trying to diagnose and treat yourself, you should seek medical care whether that be from a doctor or a kinesiologist. After they assess your injury they will make rehab suggestions in order to get you back to feeling yourself.


A well-balanced diet can definitely speed up the healing process. Making sure you get all your vitamins and minerals is important as well as staying away from highly processed foods. Understanding what goes into your body will help you heal over time and it’s important to eat well if you are suffering from an injury.

Have you been in a car accident (MVA in Ottawa) and are suffering from a minor or major injury? A kinesiologist at Fleming Fitness can help you. Contact us to learn more about our Ottawa and Kingston Kinesiologist services we offer!

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