Mobility vs Flexibility and How to Improve Them

Mobility and flexibility may sound the same to some people, however they are definitely different concepts that impact you in different ways. Mobility is the way your joint moves, whereas flexibility is the length of your muscle.

Think of mobility as a range of factors that may affect the range of motion around a joint. One of those being flexibility. So while a stretched muscle might make you think you have more range of motion around the joint, it’s useless if your mobility is constricted.

Common problem areas for people are usually their hips, shoulders, knees and upper back. Here are three things to try to loosen those areas up.

Foam Rolling

Although this technique can be sometimes painful, foam rolling is an effective self massage technique that will help release tight spots in your muscles. It also inhibits overactive muscles and helps elongate them.

Mobility Drills

These are exercises that are specifically geared towards training your range of motion around your joints. A kinesiologist can help you find the right drills for your situation.


If you are fairly stiff and cannot perform exercises correctly, you can greatly benefit from stretching after a workout.

The kinesiology team at Fleming Fitness (Injury Rehab Specialist) can help you deal with any mobility or flexibility issues you might be having. Contact us to learn more about our Ottawa and Kingston kinesiology services we offer!

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