$1800 Weight Loss Grant from the Government

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Get extra help to lose weight.  You may be entitled to an $1800 weight loss grant from the government if you loss 20lbs.   It’s easy and free to apply, but the deadline to apply is April 12, 2017.  More info can be found at http://www.weightlossgrants.org/.

Get rewarded for your hard work.  Let Fleming Fitness help you reach your health and fitness goals as they have many others.  Our specialties are weight loss, health and fitness, injury rehab and chronic pain, concussions and post concussion syndrome, older adults and athletic training.

Visit www.flemingfitness.ca for more information

Suffering from Chronic Pain? Fleming Fitness can Help!

Chronic pain is pain (mild or excruciating) that lasts longer than 3 months.  It can be hard for someone suffering from chronic pain to start an exercise program, but they need to in order to improve their function and decrease their pain.   The chronic pain patients we see mostly at Fleming Fitness (Injury rehab specialists based out of Ottawa) have been involved in car accidents which has lead them to their chronic pain.  Most of the times our clients’ pain is debilitating which makes activities of daily living difficult.   What we do at Fleming Fitness, leading fitness and injury rehab specialists in Ottawa, is reset that alarm/trigger that goes off in someone’s head that suffers with chronic pain. Our patients with chronic pain have highly sensitized nerves that sounds alarms or triggers in their brain that “this movement is going to hurt.”  The thought of movement hurts them, very similar to phantom pain.  And it is not all in their head as it really hurts because of the highly sensitized nerves.   Our focus for their rehab is improving their confidence in what they can and can’t do and “rewire their brain” when it comes to movement so their tolerance is higher improving their everyday life. We always work within in someones means and also work with other health professionals to give the best service possible for our clients.  For more information call our registered Kinesiologist, Pat Fleming at 613-882-8434.  Fleming Fitness.

Wedding Fit – Tailored exercise programs geared toward Brides and Grooms

Fleming Fitness, Ottawa’s premier Kinesiologists and Dietitian, Rana Daoud from DRRD Nutrition are teaming up to create Wedding Fit in Ottawa. Our mission is helping brides and grooms reach their goals by adapting a healthy lifestyle that incorporates balanced nutrition and efficient physical activity. Exercise and nutrition are both essential to leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining your weight. Avoid the pain of YOYO diets and let the professionals help make you look and feel your best on your big day! No need for heavy & expensive equipment. We bring all the equipment to you at your house. Receive workout programs tailored to your needs, objectives and environment. Wedding Fit strives to provide personalized nutritional and personal training services to the Ottawa/Gatineau region. Our focus is effective and safe physical activity, while enjoying healthy and delicious foods so you can maintain your results for a lifetime. For more information visit www.weddingfit.ca

Not All Personal Trainers are the same

There are not a lot of qualified personal trainers in Ottawa, but there are enough. So when choosing a personal trainer, make sure to do your due diligence and find out more about your trainer. What qualifications do they have? What education do they have? What certifications do they have? Do they participate in continuing education courses? These are all important questions to find answers to otherwise you may get injured during your sessions. Don’t assume just because they are certified or they look good they are qualified. Anyone can become a certified trainer. Choose someone with an educational background in health and fitness or kinesiology. They would have a more knowledge on the body, body mechanics and exercise physiology. Find out about their certification and how it is obtained. Is it a weekend course cert or something that takes longer to get. Do they have experience with what your goals and injuries are? Do you get along with their personality? Also keep in mind, a good trainer won’t make you sign up for a long term contract. They do that because they know they aren’t very good and the probability of keeping you long term is only possible with a long term contract. For more info on what we do and how we can assist you in your health, fitness or rehabilitation goals, contact licensed Kinesiologist and injury rehab specialist Patrick Fleming in Ottawa at 613-882-8434. More info at www.flemingfitness.ca

Redblacks Defend the R – Reminiscing with Pat Fleming " rel="bookmark">Redblacks Defend the R – Reminiscing with Pat Fleming

Defend the R interviews Kinesiologist Pat Fleming of Fleming Fitness of his time in Ottawa as a Renegade. 

Fleming Fitness Charity Golf Tournament Helps Raise Over $18,000 for BIAOV

Fleming Fitness is proud to announce our first charity golf tournament was a huge success. The event raised over $18,000 for the Brain Injury Association of the Ottawa Valley. Thank you to our hole sponsors, participants, volunteers, donors and Loch March Golf and Country Club!

Fleming Fitness Golf Tournament featured in Ottawa Community News


Fleming Fitness Charity Golf Tournament

Event Details & Reg. FormThe golf season is here. Fleming Fitness is excited to tell you about the Fleming Fitness Charity Golf Tournament with the proceeds benefiting the Brain Injury Association of the Ottawa Valley (BIAOV).  Join us for a great day of lunch, golf, dinner and socializing at the beautiful Loch March Golf & Country Club. It will be held on Thursday June 19, 2014.  Registration begins at 10:30am, Lunch is at 11am, Shot Gun tee-off at 12:00 noon and dinner begins at 5:45pm. It’s a day to get together for a good cause.  To register click Registration Form or contact me at patrick@flemingfitness.ca or at 613-882-8434.   Thank you to our sponsors!  Look forward to seeing all of you out there on the course.



Kinesiologists in Ontario have been added to the list of “Authorized Medical Practitioners by province or territory for the purposes of claiming medical expenses” on the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/tx/ndvdls/tpcs/ncm-tx/rtrn/cmpltng/ddctns/lns300-350/330/ampp-eng.html

Individuals receiving services of a Registered Kinesiologist in Ontario can now claim it as an eligible medical expense paid in 12-month period ending in 2013.

Patients/clients can only claim the part of an expense for which they have not been or will not be reimbursed. However, they can claim the full expense if the reimbursement is included in their income, such as a benefit shown on a T4 slip, and they did not deduct the reimbursement anywhere else on their income tax and benefit return.

Anther step in the continuing recognition of the profession, and kinesiologists.

Contact Ottawa Kinesiologist of Fleming Fitness to help you with your injury rehab.

Numbers Can Lie

So what is important in terms of you reaching your fitness goals? Pounds off the scale? How you feel? How you look? So many people set their goals on the pounds they lose and end up getting discouraged after a few months because they aren’t dropping off fast enough. Maybe you lose only 3lbs in 3 months and figure it just isn’t worth it. You ultimately quit your exercise program and end up going down the wrong unhealthy path again. Sound familiar?

I’m sure you’ve heard muscle weights more than fat. That is actually false. 5 lbs of muscle equals 5 lbs of fat. They weight the same! However muscle is denser than fat and therefore takes up less space. So that individual that only lost 3 lbs in 3 months and is now discouraged because of the lack of results could be a lot smaller. It is possible that they gained 3 lbs of muscle and lost 6 lbs of fat (netting a 3lb lose on the scale) however they dropped a pant size, feel better and more energized. Yet they still quit after stepping off the scale because that’s what they rely on.

For your fitness goals do not rely on the scale. Put it away and rely on the inches lost, how you feel and look. Don’t rely on your BMI (Body Mass Index) from the Dr’s office. Get your body fat percentage tested as that is the reliable source for health.

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