Learn more about exercise related injuries

It’s common knowledge that including exercise in our lives is vital for our health. However, there are also some risks associated with exercise. The most common types of injuries that occur during exercise are musculoskeletal.

Many people don’t realize that their muscular system plays two important roles; the first is allowing us to move and the second is for protection. All of our muscles are attached to a bone through tendons, which will have an impact on how we hold ourselves through posture. That being said, all our muscles directly or indirectly have an impact on our skull and spinal column.

A person’s muscles are all under control of the nervous system, which all send messages to the spinal column then to our brain. The spinal column helps protect the spinal cord, which moves as we walk, run and go through the motions during exercise. So this movement happens through our muscles. Muscular protection will then occur if the joints are under stress and could possibly irritate the nerves and spinal cord.

When your muscles are in protection it will use a second or third  muscle group to help, which is why it’s hard to tell if this is actually happening in our bodies. If this happens, the movements you are doing become less efficient and more of a strain to your body. If this occurs and you continue to participate in exercise, sports or this repetitive movement your body will be at a much higher risk for injury.

A kinesiologist understands the neuromuscular function of the body, which means they can tell how the muscles are being coordinated by the nervous system. This is very important when dealing with muscle protection and injuries that might have occurred through this. There are a number of kinesiology techniques that can be used to assess the injury and then create a rehab plan to aid in the repair of the injury.

At Fleming Fitness we have a team of experienced kinesiologists that can help you with your exercise related injury. Our techniques can help get rid of your injury through rehab and better understanding of your muscles to prevent future injuries. Contact us to find out more about our services!

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