What you need to know about Fascial Stretch Therapy

Is this your first time hearing about fascial stretch therapy? You could be missing out on an important step in improved health and athletic ability. Fascia is the tissue that connects and supports bones, muscles and joints. These tissues can become restricted which can impact your flexibility and joint mobility. Facial stretching is the answer to keeping your fascia pliable.

How is it performed?

Fascial stretching is performed on a table, similarly to a massage. The process requires opposing forces of pushing and pulling, which means the therapist will manipulate joints, bones and fascia while the client pushes back. Although you are very active during a session, you will also experience relaxation that is different from when you receive a massage. The process can help muscle tissue and fascia relax at the same time, improving blood flow and reducing soreness.

Fascial stretching isn’t just for athletes, it’s commonly used for physical therapy after serious injuries or even surgery. It can help reduce recovery time and break down scar tissue without a lot of pain that can be associated with other therapy types.

No matter the reason you are interested in fascial stretching, there are many benefits from one or multiple sessions. The technique can help those with chronic pain, improve flexibility, recover from injuries and boost athletic performance. If you’re interested in learning more about fascial stretch therapy contact us.

At Fleming Fitness Ottawa, we now offer fascial stretch therapy from our registered Kinesiologist and Certified Level 2 Fascial Stretch Therapist Keaton. Contact us to book your initial assessment with Keaton now!

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