Tips to Avoid Running Injuries

With the recent warm weather, more and more people have begun running outside. However, increasing your running can lead to injuries if you aren’t doing it properly or taking care of your body. The following are a few tips to help you avoid running injuries this summer.

Warm Up & Cool Down

It’s very important to prepare your body for exercise and bring the metabolic processes of the body back to normal after your run. Unfortunately, a lot of runners don’t take the time to warm up and cool down. A simple 5 minute warm up, including stretches and dynamic movements can make all the difference for your muscles and body. Cool downs are designed to lower the heart rate and to minimize the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles. Both can greatly impact the risk of injury during and after your runs.


Running is one of the cheapest sports and forms of exercise out there, as the only thing you really need is a good pair of running shoes. If you are planning to run regularly it’s important to purchase a good pair of runners for your feet as they will minimize the risk of biomechanical issues that could arise and lead to injury. A good example of this is if you have very flat feet and wear a pair of unsupportive runners. This will cause your foot to roll inwards causing pain and potential injuries throughout your legs. Supportive runners can often be more expensive than basic ones, but that just goes to show the amount of support they give your feet when you are running.


A healthy and well balanced diet can definitely help your body if you are doing a good amount of running. The body needs to replace all the energy and calories it loses after runs in order to function normally. The body also needs proper fueling before a run, otherwise the muscles will not have energy to complete the run. Both carbs and protein after a run will reduce the risk of the body using muscle tissue to replace depleted energy. Making sure you are fuelling your body properly can definitely decrease the risk of injury.

If you have experienced a running injury the kinesiologists at Fleming Fitness can help you. We offer injury rehab services to the Ottawa and Kingston area and can get you back to your normal running schedule. Contact us to learn more about our kinesiology services!

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